Why am I running? We are living in a time where a lot of people feel the politicians we have elected to represent us forget that they are there for US. They often have an ulterior motive for running, or forget why they ran once they get into office. Because of the way political candidates are treated by the press and by their opponents, the people who would best suit the office won’t run. They don’t want to be dragged through the mud for standing up. I want to change that.

I am running as a Democrat, but like so many of you, my political beliefs and ideologies straddle the line between Republicans and Democrats. Like you, I just want our elected officials to talk, compromise and get results that make OUR lives better. If you elect me, I promise to:

  • Be honest and transparent in how I perform the duties of my office
  • Seek your guidance before a vote is taken, if possible
  • Communicate with you as to why I made decisions
  • Represent everyone, not just those who voted for me
  • Cooperate with others members of the Town Council, as well as other governmental departments
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